Health Check-up Awareness:

Health check-ups are to detect medical issues and identify risk factors and illnesses before they cause problems. Regular health check-ups prevent illnesses and their complications and help to change the lifestyle for a long-term healthy life.
A good health check-up should include end-to-end examinations such as:

People who do not go for regular check-ups are more likely to get diseases than people who go for check-ups on a regular basis.
Approx 80% Indians don’t follow a healthy lifestyle and do not take regular health check-ups.
Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) like Cancer, Coronary artery disease, High Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar (Diabetes), Cancer, etc. has increased at a rapid stage. In India alone, 17% of deaths are, unfortunately, related to NCDs.
Most of these diseases are preventable, if detected and treated in the early stages of development and /or can be managed easily if not treatable in a few cases.
Health checks help you identify a potential disease or condition even if you feel perfectly alright, without any symptoms. Timely detection with right management can result in better medical outcomes and lower your risk of serious complications.

Preventive healthcare & Doctor Consultation

Most of us do not like going to a doctor, but it should be your priority! Even if you think you are fine and are on the top condition leading a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet, regular workout, and no drinking and smoking habits, regular health check-ups are important. Ensuring that you are up-to-date on preventive care is the most significant thing you can do to stay healthy.
It is better to pay for simple preventive health check-ups rather than ending-up spending a fortune on the treatment of a potentially serious disease that can become untreatable sometimes.

The benefits of regular check-ups include:

Here are compelling reasons why individuals need to pay their trusted doctors a visit and have their routine physical exam at least once a year.

Reduce the risk of getting sick

One should never neglect their health, and being healthy goes beyond not being sick. Through regular medical checkups, an individual has access to vital information that will help them monitor their physical, mental, and emotional health so that they can take action and make wise decisions for their well-being.

Detect diseases at early stage

Regular medical checkups allow doctors to pick up signs of diseases that the patients may not even know to exist. With routine screenings, the doctor can diagnose potentially severe or life-threatening conditions and prevent any kinds of risks before it is too late or it takes a turn for the worse.

Increase chances of treatment and cure

Some life-threatening diseases can gradually build up in the body even before the physical symptoms manifest. With early detection, a person will have higher chances of getting the right treatment promptly and gain access early on to options that may speed up the recovery process.

Increase lifespan and improve health

A good physician will encourage a patient to be more proactive and take the right steps to stay healthy. This will include recommendations on how to maintain good habits and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Reduce healthcare costs over time

Medical costs can skyrocket, especially when one is dealing with a condition that has been detected at a severe or serious stage because it was not diagnosed early on. It is better to invest in regular medical checkups to prevent, avoid, and manage diseases at their early stages.